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Refuting A Couple Of Common Misconceptions About Sonograms

by Bonnie Gordon

A pregnancy can be a challenging and exciting period of your life. However, you will experience a range of medical needs that you may not have ever needed during your pregnancy. A common example of this is undergoing a sonogram. There are many patients that have no experience with sonograms, which can cause them to believe the following couple of myths about this procedure. By dispelling these notions, you will have a better appreciation of this routine procedure. 

Myth: A Sonogram Image Will Always Appear Very Blurry

It is common for patients to assume that their sonogram images will be very blurry. In fact, you may have seen a friend's sonogram pictures and struggled to understand what you were looking at. However, it should be noted that there are options have been developed that can allow you to see a much more detailed image of your growing baby. 

This is possible due to the invention of three-dimensional ultrasounds. These devices use a complicated multi-point system to administer sound waves that are then processed by an advanced computer to render a detailed three-dimensional image of the developing baby. While this type of sonogram will be more expensive, the added clarity can be more than worth it. 

Myth: You Only Need One Sonogram During Your Pregnancy

There is another prevalent idea that you will only need to undergo this procedure once during your pregnancy. However, this is far from the case because your baby can start to develop any number of problems. Without periodic sonograms, your doctor will have a difficult time diagnosing these problems before they pose a major threat. 

While you may find it inconvenient to make these trips to your doctor, there is simply no other alternative that can provide you physician with this type of valuable information. Fortunately, you will not have to remain at the doctor's office while they are interpreting the results of the sonogram. Rather, they will be able to call you with the results after the images have been evaluated. 

If you are currently expecting a child, it is important for you to understand the various medical procedures and examinations that you will need to undergo. These are essential for minimizing the risks of complications for either you or the child, but many women may find this baffling during their first pregnancy. By understanding the benefits of opting for three-dimensional sonograms and that you may need multiple sonograms throughout the pregnancy, you will have a stronger understanding and appreciation for these procedures. 

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