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  • Hemorrhoidectomy: Frequently Asked Questions

    7 December 2021

    Hemorrhoids or piles refer to a mass of swollen veins, muscle, and connective tissues in the rectum or anus. External hemorrhoids stick out of the anus while internal hemorrhoids remain within the anus. The symptoms include discomfort and bleeding in the anal area. Hemorrhoids can negatively affect the quality of your life, and you will require hemorrhoidectomy treatment fast. Here are FAQs to help you understand all about the hemorrhoidectomy surgical procedure.

  • 3 Ways In Which Bliote Hormone Pellet Therapy

    12 October 2021

    If you have started to hear about other women opting for BlioTE pellet therapy, you might start to wonder if this would be a good option for you as well. Those who seek such types of therapy are going with the goal of getting their hormone levels regulated. With hormone regulation comes a lot of great benefits, such as: Balanced Estrogen Levels There is a lot more to estrogen levels than what many people think.

  • Helping A Loved One Through Anorexia Treatment

    18 June 2021

    When a loved one is diagnosed with anorexia, you may feel a mixture of emotions. You're sad that they're struggling with such a serious condition. You're probably quite worried about them, and you might even be a bit angry that they can't see themselves the way you see them. It's not always easy to know how to be there for someone who is struggling with an eating disorder, but wanting to help is a great first step.