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5 Surprising and Serious Signs Of Cervical Cancer

by Bonnie Gordon

Regular visits to your primary care physician are important for your overall health and wellness. However, visiting specialists for testing is also necessary for early diagnosis and treatment of more serious conditions. Considering an estimated 12,900 cases of cervical cancer will be diagnosed in 2015 alone, understanding the signs and symptoms of this disease is imperative. Unfortunately, you may not be familiar with all the early signs of cervical cancer. While bleeding between menstrual cycles and abnormal pap smear results are common early signs of this disease, you should also be aware of the following surprising signs and symptoms. 

Leg Pain

When referring to a cancer that affects the female reproductive system, you most likely do not discuss your legs. However, leg pain is an early sign of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer causes your cervix to swell, which causes pain that may radiate through your body. In addition, the swelling of your cervix can obstruct circulation to your legs.

Of course, this pain is not always present in patients with cervical cancer. If you are experiencing pain in your legs or lower region, visit your doctor for detailed testing.

Pain During Sex

Sex should be a pleasant experience with your partner, but an estimated 20 to 50 percent of women suffer with a type of sexual dysfunction. In many of these cases, sex is painful.

Known as dyspareunia, pain during sex may stem from allergic reactions due to a medication or food, psychological problems, or a more involved medical condition. Unfortunately, experiencing pain during sexual intercourse may also be an early sign of cervical cancer.

Before visiting your doctor, keep a log of your pain during sex. Use this log to record the number of times you experience pain and the severity of your discomfort. This will give your doctor a detailed look into your pain, which will help diagnose your condition.

Urination Issues

Cervical cancer causes the actual cervix to swell, causing pressure in the abdomen and bladder. This pressure creates discomfort while urinating, which may feel similar to burning, stinging, or intense pain.

You may also notice blood in you urine, or hematuria. Hematuria is common in patients with cervical or bladder cancer, but it may also be due to a severe kidney infection.

Although these signs are similar to a urinary tract or kidney infection, chronic discomfort while urinating may be a sign of an advanced case of cervical cancer that has spread to surrounding tissue.

If you are experiencing pain, hematuria, or difficulty urinating, visit your doctor immediately.

Vaginal Discharge

A small amount of vaginal discharge is normal. In addition, discharge may also stem from a yeast or urinary tract infection. However, a continuous discharge with the following characteristics may be an early sign of cervical cancer:

  • Water-like, Thin Consistency
  • Pale or Brown in Color
  • Red Spots or Streaks Due to Blood
  • Foul Odor

Sudden Weight Loss

Losing weight quickly may be a dream come true for you and other women, but losing 5 percent of your weight within 6 months without diet and exercise may be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

Loss of appetite, fatigue, and the cancer's ability to destroy healthy, vitamin and nutrient rich tissue can cause this sudden loss of weight.

Cervical cancer is a serious condition that requires intense medical treatment. However, learning the common and surprising signs of this disease can mean the difference between life and death. Using this guide on surprising signs, you and your doctor will be able to successful treat your cervical cancer. 

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