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3 Stylish Ways To Cover Your Head After Chemo Hair Loss

by Bonnie Gordon

For many women, losing your hair during chemotherapy adds insult to injury. After feeling like you've lost everything, your hair goes with it. It can add to depression from the diagnoses and make you feel isolated. Losing your hair doesn't have to mean losing your looks. If you're trying to find ways to feel beautiful after hair loss from chemo, here are some stylish ideas for covering your head and restoring your confidence.

Get Several Wigs

Wigs are a go-to for many chemotherapy patients. However, many women look for a wig that matches the hair they had before treatment. They want to look like their old self again, which is completely understandable. Getting several wigs after losing your hair can lift your spirits and raise your confidence.

Find hairstyles that you never would have dared to try before losing your hair. Have you always wanted to see how long blonde hair looks on you? Maybe you've always wanted to try being a redhead. Now, you can be a blonde on Wednesday and a redhead on Thursday. Have some fun and play with new hair styles.

One Word: Henna

It can be overwhelming knowing that every time someone looks at you, all they think about is the fact that you have cancer. What if people looked at you and thought, what a mind-blowing work of art? Rock that bald head with a beautiful henna crown on it. There is no better way to feel beautiful and empowered. Just make sure you find a henna studio that makes the henna fresh before your appointment. Many places use henna that is filled with a chemical called paraphenylenediamine (PPD) to make it black, but it can be dangerous, especially when your body is already full of chemotherapy chemicals. PPD can cause chemical burns and allergic reactions. Real henna is always a reddish-orange color.

Stylish Turbans

Turbans are an amazing way to feel beautiful while living a life without hair. They're much larger than standard scarves and bandanas, so they cover your whole head. The length of turbans allows you to tie it dozens of different ways to change up your look. Turbans come in many different styles and patterns so you can spice up your wardrobe every day.

After dealing with the pain and illness from cancer and chemotherapy, baldness should not be something that you have to worry about. These fun ideas will keep you feeling sexy and confident so you can walk out of your home with your head held high.