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Tips For Avoiding Bunions

by Bonnie Gordon

Bunions are extremely painful and can be embarrassing for you. They make walking in high heels difficult and might limit your other activities. As a result, you will want to be sure that you take precautions to avoid developing bunions. Here are some tips for doing so.

1. Look for the Right Shoes

The first step that you will need to take in order to prevent bunions, especially if you are a runner, is to look for the right shoe. The right shoe is going to be a shoe that has a boxy enough toe area that your toes won't touch the sides of the shoe. The reason for this is that the pressure and rubbing of your toes, especially your big toe, against the side of the shoe can result in bunions forming. If your toes do not touch the side of the shoe, then there is no pressure. It should be relatively easily to find running shoes that have boxy toe areas. It can be more difficult to find dress shoes or shoes that are appropriate for a work setting. Take the time to try on a variety of pairs and look for wider shoes if you need to.

2. Stay Within a Healthy Weight Range

Additional pressure from a higher weight can result in your feet changing the way that they impact with the ground. Your feet might turn slightly in order to deal with the additional pressure that they might be experiencing, which can cause your toes to rub against the sides of your shoes in a way that they did not before. This can result in bunions forming. If you reduce that pressure by losing weight or never develop it in the first place by staying within a healthy weight range, you will decrease the chances that you will produce a bunion.

3. Look for a Sturdy Heel

Finally, when you are looking for shoes, make sure that you are seeking out shoes that have a sturdy heel. The reason for this is that a sturdy heel will keep your shoes from slipping around on your feet and will keep your foot in the correct alignment. This will reduce the pressure that the shoe will have on your foot and on your toes, allowing you to prevent the formation of bunions.

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