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How Pediatricians Can Keep Your Child Safe From Anemia

by Bonnie Gordon

A sick child is one of the toughest things for a parent to handle. Even worse, a serious and persistent problem, such as anemia, can be very problematic for many to manage. As a result, it is necessary to talk to your child's pediatrician or one from Advocare Haddon Pediatric Group at Haddon Heights about this problem if you notice that they are suffering from known symptoms.

Young Children Are Often Prone to Anemia

Anemia occurs when your child's red blood cell levels are low or if they do not produce enough of them. It makes them weaker and more prone to disease and can also cause sluggishness and confusion. The diet of your child probably contributes heavily to this problem. Thankfully, this means that anemia is often a temporary situation that can be improved by changing your child's diet. However, there is also a chance that it could be a more serious issue that is related to a complication with their health. For example, African Americans have to worry about sickle cell disease, a inherited disorder that causes severe anemia that is often difficult to manage.

Others may suffer from autoimmune diseases that cause the body to attack red blood cells in a child's body. In these scenarios, the anemia may be a more permanently and potentially life-threatening situation. As a result, it is critical to visit a pediatrician who understands these disorders and who can help manage them successfully. 

How A Pediatrician Can Help

If your child is sluggish and appears to be anemic, you need to visit a pediatrician right away. The first thing they'll likely do is give your child iron supplements. These will help bring their levels back to normal and prevent their anemia from getting worse. They will then test them for any other disease that could be contributing to this health problem. For example, they will check them for any autoimmune diseases that may contribute to the development of this problem. Then, they will find a treatment method that helps them. For example, they might have to alter your child's diet to improve their iron levels or give them regular doses of red blood cells to keep them healthy.

So if your child appears to be suffering from anemia and you want to help them, you need to talk to a pediatrician right away. With their help, you can get your child out of the difficult phases of their anemia and back on the road to true recovery.