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Diagnosed With Lupus? What You Should Know

by Bonnie Gordon

When you have been suffering with a variety of health symptoms for a while, it can be a relief to finally get a diagnosis from a medical professional. However, if you have been diagnosed with lupus, you may find yourself confused and unsure of what is going on. Most people know very little about lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects many people worldwide. Get to know some of the facts about lupus and its treatment. Then, you can be better equipped to handle the situation and will be able to work with your doctors to find an autoimmune therapy regimen that works for you. 

Lupus Is a Chronic Condition

The first thing to know about lupus is that it is a chronic condition. It is not something that is curable. If you have lupus, you will always have lupus. 

However, that is not to say there is nothing you can do about lupus. There are numerous treatments and lifestyle changes that can help you to deal with lupus and to live a full and happy life in spite of having an autoimmune disease. 

Autoimmune Therapy Is Vital

Autoimmune therapy is a vital component of dealing with lupus. When you have lupus, your immune system is essentially working incorrectly. The immune system will go after and attack the body's own tissues (instead of foreign invaders like it is supposed to do). 

To deal with that, you need autoimmune therapy. This primarily consists of drugs that suppress the immune system, helping to reduce or stop the attacks on your body's tissues. 

Essentially, autoimmune therapy works to stop the immune system's irregular functioning. However, the suppression of the immune system with autoimmune therapy also means that your immune system is weakened when it comes to fighting off infections and the like. 

Because of that, you will have to be extra careful to avoid situations where you may be exposed to viruses or the like. With COVID-19 so prevalent, this means trying to self-isolate as much as possible and always wearing a mask when you go out in public. 

You Can Still Live a Full Life with Lupus

Lupus can drag you down, and when you have flare-ups it can feel like your life will never be normal. However, with autoimmune therapy and good self care, you can and will be able to like a full life with lupus. 

You do not have to hold yourself back from experiencing all of the joys that life has to offer, from having a fulfilling career to having a romantic life and more. Do not think that because you have an autoimmune disorder that you cannot have a great life. You can!

Now that you know more about being diagnosed with lupus, you can be sure you and your doctor start an autoimmune therapy regimen that can help you manage your condition as well as possible