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Reasons To Establish Yourself As A Patient At A Primary Care Center

by Bonnie Gordon

Once you move out of your parents' home and into a place of your own, you take on the burden of keeping yourself healthy and safe. You cannot rely on your parents to figure out what is wrong with you and recommend whether or not you should see a doctor.

To keep yourself as healthy as possible, you need to find a doctor in your area that is accepting new patients. You can benefit from establishing yourself as a patient at a primary care center.

Yearly Examinations 

Once you become a patient at a primary care center, you have a doctor's office to go to once a year for a physical. A yearly physical can be a key component to keeping you healthy and free from illnesses. Your doctor can perform a thorough inspection of your body to make sure all of your organs and bodily systems function as they should.

This yearly physical can also ensure you are staying within a healthy weight and not losing or gaining too many pounds. If your exam reveals that something might be amiss with your health, it may give you enough time to seek out prompt treatment and overcome an illness before it becomes severe.

Acute Treatments

As an established patient at a primary care center, you also have a place to go to seek out treatment for acute illnesses, such as the flu or strep throat. You may not want to go to the emergency room for minor illnesses. However, you may also not be able to recover from them on your own without taking antibiotics or steroids.

Your doctor at the primary care center may agree to see you for acute illnesses like these if you are already a patient at the primary care center. He or she can prescribe medications to treat your illness and spare you from the expense and time that it may take you to be seen at the emergency room.


Finally, you may be able to get vaccinations at a primary care center. You avoid having to visit the local health department or get vaccines at the pharmacy. You can ask your doctor at the primary care center to administer vaccines for the flu, shingles, and other common illnesses.

A primary care center can offer important medical services for its patients. You may go there to get a yearly physical. You can also get treatment for acute illnesses and receive vaccines from a primary care center.