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4 Tips For Implementing Drug Testing In The Workplace

by Bonnie Gordon

Some people use illicit drugs that can lead them down the road of addiction and legal troubles. As an employer, your employees' drug use can affect you. Employees who are intoxicated on the job may enter themselves or others, opening you to liability concerns. Enforcing a drug-free workplace through regular drug testing can help you maintain high standards of safety and performance. Here are four tips for implementing drug testing at your workplace:

1. Select a drug testing clinic.

Employee drug testing is usually performed through urinalysis, although blood and hair tests may also be used. These tests must be performed by licensed medical practitioners and analyzed by medical lab technicians. You can ensure safe, convenient, and accurate drug testing for your employees by choosing a health care clinic that specializes in workplace drug tests. If possible, it's a good idea to select a clinic that operates near your place of business for the sake of convenience.

2. Clearly outline your drug testing policy for new and existing employees.

Many drug-free workplaces adopt zero-tolerance policies for drug use. Drug testing clinics can return results quickly, usually within a few days. This means that employees can be quickly disciplined for drug infractions. When implementing drug testing, it's important that your employees are made aware of your policies. This will allow them to give informed consent for drug tests, which can be somewhat invasive.

3. Ensure that your employees understand where and how drug testing will be performed.

Drug testing clinics are convenient for employees and business owners. To ensure that everything goes smoothly on testing day, make sure your employees know where their nearest drug testing facility is located. When patients arrive at the drug testing clinic, they will be given clear instructions by medical professionals to facilitate the collection of biological samples for examination. If you plan to subject employees to surprise drug tests, you may want to describe the nature of these tests upon the offer of employment so future employees know what to expect.

4. Keep the results of employees' drug tests confidential.

A person's medical information is confidential by law. However, it is legal for employers to receive the results of their employees' drug tests. A drug testing clinic will deliver your employees' drug tests in a timely and confidential manner. Once you obtain these results, you may keep them for your records, but you should only share them with people who need to know their contents for business purposes.